Chapter One: Tutorial

Logan sat in the front of the math class, watching as his oblivious math teacher spun across the room. Next to him sat his life long friend, Cothalle. Nothing wrong about this picture, correct? Only simple middle schoolers preparing for the high school years that they glimpsed at in the shadowy room of confusion that is life. However, dear reader, this was not the case for our two fine fellows. In fact, quite the contrary. These young men themselves will stare aimlessly into the obvious light of love and deny. Deny until the room becomes uncharted and dangerous. This, my friends, is the danger of being an eight-bit heart. With such emotionless ways of thought and reaction to the spurts of feelings that do spill up, one can find themselves needing an extra life, so to speak. So, as these two clowns burrow their feelings in exuses and irrational thoughts of self-doubt, molding themselves for abuse, pity them. They were raised to think in such dysfuntional ways. So anyway, back to Logan. As Logan sunk deeper into his hard, icy seat, his eyes glanced at the boy to his left. A curvy, hazel-eyed manchild whose smiles could end wars. Logan let this sink in, the very image of his buddy being imbedded into his head. A slight smile slithered out of Logan's thin, pink lips, his blonde hair sticking slightly to the back of his neck. Logan threw his blubbery face back to his math notebook, already curved and dirty despite only being used for a mere two weeks. His smile faded, now focused on the algebraic equation in front of his deep, blue eyes.

Chapter 2: Combo Breaker!

Cothalle waivered in dismay, unable to function after Logan's hypnotic stare. He stared down at Logan's lap, causing a giggle to erupt from behind the two. "You know, I'm pretty sure gay marriage is legal in Virginia, I'm sure you two would be very happy together!" snickered Lauren, barely audible to the boys. Mrs. Kubik, the math teacher, glanced up slightly, but payed little attention. The two blushed, causing another burst of laughter from Lauren and Ellen. Gabby, their much less giggly companion, only gave a look of pity, as if to apologize for her friend's cruel behavior. Catholee blushed much harder, earning a smiley "Pay attention." from Mrs. Kubik. Catholee buried his magenta face in his math, still barely comprehending the subject. He shrugged it off, realizing that he would have all of sunday to work on it. But saterday was taken. He was planning on using that day for Gabby. He was going to ask her out. THe bell rang, launching both Logan and Catholee up with a fright. Catholee jogged over to Gabby, catching his eye on hers. Now was the time.

Chapter 3: Level Up

Gabby slowed her pace, stopping next to the sweaty Catholee. "Uhm.." Catholee shuddered, losing his usually steady voice under a blanket of fright. "YOU'RE CUTE. DATE?" he unintentionally shouted, grabbing eyes from across the hallway. Gabby looked him over, her kindness and pity towards Catholee increasing. She HAD never been on a date before... "Sure." said Gabby, patting down the hair on Catholee's head. " Two tomorrow at the theater. I heard "Star Trek: Into Darkness" is playing?" asked Gabby politely, smiling sweetly. Catholee nodded, unable to express his shock. Gabby waved, turning around to greet her friends, now crowding around Ellen's locker. Catholee head twirled, a whirlwind of emotions. He ran toward Logan, who now rushed to the lunch room.

Chapter 4: Running

Catholee sat in front of Logan, both of their blood rushing. "Logan... GUESS WHAT." Catholee excitedly blurted out. Logan got an unsettling pit at the bottom of his stomach, as if the news was not as cheerful as Catholee made it seem. Even so, he shouted out an excited "WHAT?" in response. "I AM GOING ON A DATE WITH GABBY PISTONE!" shrieked Catholee, startling all those around them. Logan's heart sank. He.... he knew that he should be ecsactic for his friend, probably shrieking as loud as him, too. But Logan just felt unsettled. What if this took away from THEIR time together? He... really liked Catholee and just didn't want to see him get hurt. But, despite his unhappy demeanor about the situation, he stayed positive and motivated Catholee. That is, of course, what friends are for, right? Catholee, too, felt a sinking feeling. He felt as if he was betraying Logan, as if he should give up on women all together and....NO. Logan interrupted his thoughts. "Are you going to tell her about the, uh......santas?" whispered Logan, grinning idiotically. Catholee shuddered. "NO!" he shouted. "Look." Catholee whispered. "Nobody can know about my black santa collection, okay. I just don't have two tons of video games like you, okay? I need a hobby like that or I will be driven insane." Logan nodded, giggling at his friend's seriousness over tacky dolls. Or, in this case, black santa dolls. Once again, the bell shot the two up with excitement. Logan glanced down at his feet, his eyes heavy with sadness. Under his breath, he whispered "I love you, Catholee."

Chapter 5: The Date

Popcorn, candy, soda, movie, a hot girl. This is the american dream. Or, at least to most boys it is. Catholee, however, was too busy thinking about Logan to notice any of the above. He spent the entire movie glancing down at his watch, worried about his friend that didn't seem too wonderfully entranced in Catholee's acheivement. He wondered if Logan had wanted Catholee to bring him out to the mov....NO. As the movie came to a close, down drove Catholee's mom to Gabby's house. They got out together, having convinced their mothers to let them have an hour at Gabby's house to relax. Catholee flopped onto one of Gabby's bean bag chairs, disapointed to say the least. Gabby gazed with concern, not sure how to comfort Catholee. That is when he burst into tears. He sobbed into Gabby's shoulders, Gabby completely stunned. "I'm so sorry, Gabby! I just don't.. I can't... I love Logan too much!" he confessed, tears and snot running down his face. "What are we? Flesh, meat, bone? I'm a faulty chromosome that decides what I like or not. A FAULTY PEICE OF DNA WITH NO POINT OR POURPOSE!" Catholee sprinted to the bathroom and procedded to the bathroom to throw up the bit of popcorn he had eaten. He wiped his face off. Within two minutes, his mother was at the door. They drove home in scilence, mostly because Catholee was exhausted. They got home and Catholee dialed up Logan. His mother, crying hysterically, answered the phone. "Where's Logan?" Catholee growled. "He....his hearts are draining out, Catholee. He.. tried to kill himself last night. He's in a coma. Pills." spat out Logan's mother with a poison only a mother could produce. Catholee ran to the car, buckling in. His mother rushed out as well, and they drove.

Chapter 6: Game Over