That One About the Hella Gay Catholic Dudes

Stephan held his ticket to prom with his right hand, dripping with sweat. He was going to his first highschool prom and he didn't have a date to call his own. Truthfully, he wasn't really interested in any of the girls in his classes. Hell, he couldn't remember ever being truly attracted to a woman, really. He could acknowledge their beauty, sure, but none of them inspired him to romantically fantasize about them. He shivered in anticipation, shutting his eyes to block out the bright shades of red, blue, and green crowding his vision. The world was all too bright for him, really. At least, it was.

Patrick stood near the overcrowded snack table, stuffing his cheeks with powdered donuts and washing it down with unhealthy swigs of tropical punch. He had devoted his time to making back the money he wasted for this idiotic abomination labeled incorrectly as a "prom". He guessed that ,to everyone else, this was an okay prom. However, his mother had forced him to come as punishment after spending 3 whole days marathoning Orange is the new Black. Hell, he even had to pay with HIS OWN MONEY. Since he didn't have much notice, he didn't have any time to ask out any of his fellow classmates. I mean, none of them were good enough for him anyway. They were too... well, he didn't know. They must weren't his type. So, there he stood, stooped over the almost-empty bowl of discount powdered donuts. That's when a pair of eyes glanced at him from across the room.

Stephan had never seen such a person. Whoever this man was, they just had a glow to them. A band of dark in the flurry of light. He was a black hole in a star-filled universe. A sole zone of peace, of wonder, in the hellish planet we call Earth. And so, Stephan felt a feeling he had never felt before. It floated in his chest like helium balloons while simultaneously crushing him like a shit ton of boulders. He gravitated towards him, licking his lips and accidentally banging into a young lady. She smirked, her curly hair bouncing slightly from the impact. "Go get that fine piece of ass, nerd." she playfully remarked, her grin genuine and kind. "How did you...." Stephan began to ask before being interjected by the lady's taller friend. "You were eye-fucking him from across the room. It was PRETTY obvious." she retorted, flipping her blonde hair behind her shoulder. "Now, are you just going to stand here, or are you going to talk to him? Go!" exclaimed their short, wiry companion, whose glasses shone in the light.    

"Wanna dance?". Patrick froze, his cheeks turning crimson. Was a GUY ASKING HIM OUT? Surely not, but the voice behind him was too deep, too familiar... He turned around swiftly, slurs sitting on his tongue like vultures waiting on a tree to pick a body apart, when he saw the man who had asked him such an old and personal question. He.... was gorgeous. Fabulous, really. His bowtie was a kaleidoscope of color, almost like the color of the universe. It was neatly tied and straight, but oh, he just wanted to rip it off his neck and bite his porcelain skin. His hair, a shade of black that reminded him of the sky at twilight. His suit, perfectly ironed and a shade of dark blue with two white stripes on either side. "Uhhhh... uhm... su..Sure." Patrick stuttered, tugging on his black tie with trembling fingers. In one swift motion, Stephan dragged him to the center of the crowded dancefloor. At that moment, "Toxic" by Britney Spears blasted out of the speakers. Stephan grabbed his hands and placed them gently on his perky little ass. "Get ready for a ride, hun." his whispered seductively, putting his sweaty palms to the floor. "Hold on tight and grind." Stephan explained as he started to shake his ass. Patrick's hands dug into Stephan's ass hard and grinded his half hard cock onto his ass. As the song came to an end, Stephan grabbed Patrick's hand, dragging him into the boy's bathroom. And then they fucked.

The End (?)